Philip's Academy Featured on PBS NewsHour Reporting Labs

Philip's Academy Students "Rapid Response" for PBS NewsHour Website

A "Rapid Response" is where PBS asks students in the program across the country to respond to breaking news. In this case, it was to videotape questions or a message for Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls' education and who was touring the U.S. last week in anticipation of possibly winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Schools (most of them high schools) submitted more than 50 questions for her, and one of our students, Jeffrey Love, was among just 9 students picked as a "finalist" for his question to air on the NewsHour. (Because, contrary to expectations, Malala did not win the Nobel, PBS cut back its segment on her and did not end up using all 9 questions, and sadly, Jeffrey's was not on the NewsHour in the end.) However, it was a great honor for his question to be selected as a finalist--especially as we were largely competing against high schools. Here is a link to the finalists' questions (including Jeffrey's)

PBS NewsHour Finalists' Questions

Philip's Academy Student Featured in Inteview with Malala Yousafzai

Philip's Academy Student Featured in Inteview with Senator Cory Booker

#SRLAcademy Journalists profile Washington-area artists & athletes - The American Ninja

This summer, 18 students from around the country descended onto our nation's capital to participate in the inaugural Student Reporting Labs Academy. The middle and high school fellows helped program leaders develop strategies to engage young people with the news and current affairs and ensure that diverse youth voices are active in the conversations about critical issues facing the nation. The groups were also tasked with the challenge of producing character profiles of local artists to sharpen their journalism and production skills.

Produced by: William Corprew, Philip's Academy Charter School Isabel Evans, Philip's Academy Charter School Evan Gulock, recent graduate of Royal Oak High School

American Graduate Day Inspires Students to Become Journalists

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