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The Teaching Kitchen is an experimental and experiential learning classroom that focuses on the relationship between food and life.  Educational opportunities are presented that integrate culture, history, language, ecology, biology and mathematics and other classroom related subject areas into the preparation of food.  Teachers use the kitchen as a tool to incorporate concepts that already exist in the curriculum.  A major component to the demonstration of the closed-loop food cycle is in the teaching kitchen.  Here teachers and students can take raw ingredients, often from the rooftop garden, and transform them into healthy snacks, meals, and even desserts. Then sit down as a community for discussion.  With this, students are able to realize the final component in the comprehensive understanding of the food cycle while also reiterating the importance of the daily rituals of the table, and gathering for meals.

The Teaching Kitchen provides students with the unique opportunity to cook what they have grown in their grade level plots, learn new recipes, understand the nutritional value of food products, understand the “chemistry” of food preparation and cooking and be exposed to other cultures through food.  The teaching kitchen provides a unique opportunity for students and our families to learn about nutrition with a hands-on approach.



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