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Philip's Academy Charter School inspires excellence and nurtures the highest educational standards by creating a supportive community of life-long learners. Our teachers challenge students' intellects, promote academic achievement, cultivate individual talents and encourage independent and critical thinking in every grade.

Recent research shows that the key to quality instruction is a balanced approach. Explicit skills instruction needs to be embedded in enjoyable reading and writing experiences with whole texts to facilitate the construction of meaning. At Philip's Academy Charter School, thematic instruction occurs daily in all grades through Reading and Writing Workshops.

From kindergarten to eighth grade, teachers guide students to think and reason in more abstract ways with a rigorous curriculum that offers literature, research, and writing opportunities within their study of history, diversity and culture. The mathematics curriculum emphasizes multiple solutions and analytical thinking skills. Our family-style lunch program, rooftop garden, teaching kitchen and science lab encourage an understanding of sustainability from seed to table. In languages, students are exposed to French, Latin and Spanish before graduating to secondary schools. Media, Art, Music, Physical Education and Technology classes are infused at all grade levels to integrate the curriculum through a variety of mediums.

Frequent exposure to sportsmanship, community service and leadership opportunities enable our students to develop the self-confidence and independence necessary for selective independent secondary schools across the country.


Mark A. Shultz

Philip's Academy Charter School

342 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
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