A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

With expansion plans in the works, we find it most critical not to lose sight of our own unique model at Philip’s Academy within the charter landscape.  While we agree that standardized assessments can be invaluable tools for addressing student needs and capacities, our current educational model has always “delivered” on such measures.  Our students excel in part because we’ve never narrowed our curriculum by “teaching to the test.”  Our goals and dreams for our students are more ambitious.  Education requires a complex and harmonious blending of a vast array of academic, social and emotional skills with particular attention to building a strong ethical framework. 

Children need to have a moral component to their education.  They need to develop judgment, reasoning and even wisdom.  They need to develop their analytical abilities and become creative, collaborative problem solvers. We need to figure out how to integrate and use technology in imaginative ways to improve instruction. Students need to be able to imagine, wonder, be authentic and free. Philip’s Academy will continue to demonstrate through its curriculum and educational environment how students learn and best develop to lead purposeful and constructive lives that benefit society.  Please join us in our belief that despite the challenges, we can deliver this rich and comprehensive education to any population.

Warm regards,
Miguel J. Brito

Miguel J. Brito
Executive Director , Philip’s Academy

Philip's Academy Charter School

342 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
973-624-0644 (tel) | 973-624-0102 (fax)

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