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Newark School Makes Healthy Eating A Priority In And Out Of The Classroom


As CBS 2's Cindy Hsu reported, the school is taking the fight for healthier living to a whole new level.

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American Graduate Day Inspires Students to Become Journalists

Students of Eco-Schools celebrate Earth Day with contests, lessons and planting

Sustainability is at the core of school culture at Philip’s Academy Charter School in Newark, another Eco-School. Students recycle, compost and plant a rooftop garden. They operate a controlled-environment system that allows vegetables to grow in the cafeteria, which are then harvested and served in the salad bar, and they learn about solar energy from the solar panels on the roof.

Earth Day will be celebrated on Friday, at the end of a week of festivities. The theme is "Ways to green our school."

"Some of it’s planting, some is cleanup around the school; each grade is doing something," said Frank Mentesana, director of the school’s eco-spaces program. That’s the beauty of the Eco-Schools program, Dowd said. It fits to each school’s capacity and experience, from advanced programs like Philip’s Academy to newbies like Millburn.

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Students Learn Healthy Eating Habits


Philip's Academy Students "Rapid Response" for PBS NewsHour Website

A "Rapid Response" is where PBS asks students in the program across the country to respond to breaking news. In this case, it was to videotape questions or a message for Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls' education and who was touring the U.S. last week in anticipation of possibly winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Schools (most of them high schools) submitted more than 50 questions for her, and one of our students, Jeffrey Love, was among just 9 students picked as a "finalist" for his question to air on the NewsHour. (Because, contrary to expectations, Malala did not win the Nobel, PBS cut back its segment on her and did not end up using all 9 questions, and sadly, Jeffrey's was not on the NewsHour in the end.) However, it was a great honor for his question to be selected as a finalist--especially as we were largely competing against high schools. Here is a link to the finalists' questions (including Jeffrey's)

PBS NewsHour Finalists' Questions

New Charter School Looks Hopefully to the Future, Cherishes Its Past - John Mooney

Private academy in Newark is first in state to switch to become public charter.

“I am so used to saying St. Philip’s Academy, and now its Philip’s Academy Charter School,” said the longtime teacher and parent at the Newark school. “Just seeing that name come off the gym wall was something.” The name change may be the least of it, as St. Philip’s Academy – a Newark private school for 25 years – officially becomes the public Philip’s Academy Charter School this fall with the state’s approval of its final charter last week.

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Newark School Puts Focus on Food

Marcus Samuelsson

When we approached St. Philips Academy in Newark, I had no idea what kind of experience we were in for. What I thought would be a simple look into the technology behind the school’s aeroponic farming system, turned into an eye-opening experience and realization of how one small change can get the ball rolling to make monumental and all-inclusive steps in changing how kids learn about, eat, cook, and view food.

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Newark students eat healthier by growing garden

ABC News - Toni Yates

St. Philip's on Telemundo

Made From Scratch At Newark School

A great homemade ketchup recipe is one of the many things St. Philip's Academy in Newark, NJ brings to the table. When we couldn't find ketchup free of high fructose corn syrup, we decided to make our own.

This is how it often goes at St. Philip's, a K-8 school dedicated to serving an underserved population, that is the home to the EcoSPACES Program, an initiative created to confront the problems of unhealthy kids and an unhealthy planet. EcoSPACES is a comprehensive program that teaches concepts of wellness and sustainability through a variety of learning environments.

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Eric LeGrand Delivers Commencement Speech to Newark Students

Fios 1 News

Eric LeGrand spoke at the St. Philip's Academy Commencement in Newark on June 14. School officials say they invited the former Rutgers football player to the graduation because of the immense courage he has displayed in the face of great challenges.

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