Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Panels and Noveda Electronic Monitoring System

The photovoltaic system on our rooftop allows our students to monitor all of our energy systems, building mechanics, and existing weather conditions by making them visible in real time through user-friendly graphic systems.  Information is available on large screen panels in strategic places in our physical plant, but also available on every computer (200) in the building and obtainable on any computer in the world.

Students can observe both gas and electric usage on a real-time basis and at any point in time since the system’s installation.  They can easily see how energy usage varies during the course of a day, week, and month and over seasons.  Students can monitor how much energy our solar cells produce at different times of the day and year. The system shows how much money is being spent on energy, also observable for any time period as well as real time.  It even indicates the building’s carbon footprint.

The tremendous amount of data produced by our energy monitoring system provides numerous opportunities for teachers to develop lesson plans and group projects in math and science.  Learning experiences include: working with graphs, using ratio analysis and algebra to predict a variety of information, understanding how solar energy works (and exploring other forms of renewable energy,) and understanding how much energy items such as computers, refrigerators, and other electronic equipment consume.

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