Food Values and Ingredients Standards

Our Food Values

Philip’s Academy is committed to serving high quality, fresh and healthy food to 100% of the Philip’s Academy students. In order to achieve this, we maintain food standards for all food that is produced in our kitchen. 

  • We make delicious, nutritious, seasonal and sustainable meals from scratch. We use only real food, so the food we use is recognizable to our students and not artificial.  We do not use processed foods.
  • We believe in the power of the table; therefore, all our meals are served family style at round tables with student responsible for all aspects of serving.
  • We insist that our food is delicious.  We want our students to eat, explore and try new things.
  • Everyday our lunch offerings include an entrée and vegetable sides in addition to soup and our famous salad bar.
  • We believe that to combat obesity, students should eat a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods that taste delicious and satisfy kids’ hunger so they are not forced to fill up with unhealthy snacks and junk food.
  • Serve lunches with family style service
  • Ensure safe food handling of all foods.

Our Daily Menu

We plan menus to include daily offerings from each food group.

We believe the dining room to be a learning environment. Our open kitchen plan allows our students to observe the cooking process.  The entire meal is an educational opportunity to show students what a balanced meal should look like. We view the lunch period to be a teaching opportunity.  There, students learn lessons in composting, nutrition, history of meals/ingredients and sustainability.

Our menus are guided by our ingredient and nutrition standards.

Our Ingredient Standards

  • NO rBST or hormones in milk.
    • We only offer low-fat, non-flavored milk.
    • No Chocolate milk served (water and 100% fruit juices only)
  • NO fried food. Our food is prepared fresh daily; we do not serve fried, unhealthily processed, or microwaved food.
  • NO high fructose corn syrup, ever.
  • All condiments, including ketchup and salad dressings are made from scratch
  • All sandwich meats are freshly roasted without preservatives or additives
  • Salt is not available in the dining room.
  • NO artificial trans fats, ever.
  • NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
  • We use whole grain flours in baking and bread products.
  • We take great efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of refined sugars.
  • We offer a fresh salad bar daily that includes fresh raw vegetables, at least one protein, one grain and assorted composed salads. Utlizing local produce when possible
  • We offer a variety of seasonal vegetables throughout the week
  • We portion control and serve 100% juice only
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables served every day (we never serve canned fruit)
  • We ensure safe food handling practices.
  • Purchasing with a high priority on local, regional foods
  • Feed 400 people a mandatory lunch program for all students and staff.

Lunch includes a soup of the day, a main meal including an entrée, a vegetable side dish, a starch side dish, fresh fruit, a healthy dessert (whole grain bakery, fresh fruit, etc.), beverages (milk, water and 100% juice) and our famous salad bar.  Our daily salad bar offers an array of fresh, seasonal, local ingredients including some grown on the rooftop garden and our House-Made Vinaigrettes.

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