EcoArt Projects

The EcoART Studio is a tranquil environment where students work with their hands and natural materials while reinforcing concepts of awareness of the earth, sustainability and wellness.

  1. Feast Your Eyes: Drawing and Tasting: Our goal is to get our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables by developing healthy relationships with food.  We begin by introducing them to food in various forms and environments.  One way of doing so is through oberservational drawing.  We have students create realistic drawings of fruits and vegetable and then taste their subjects.  When they see these foods appear again on the lunch menu or in other parts of their lives, they are able to recognize them and are comfortable in trying them prepared in various ways. 
  2. Kumihimo: Cardboard Japanese Braiding Looms: Students use recycled cardboard to create their own looms using naturally dyed yarn.
  3. Still Life Drawings: Students visit the rooftop garden and choose from their harvest (tomatoes, leaves, roots, bulbs, fruits and vegetables) to create still life drawings. 
  4. Paper Making: Using raw materials such as banana peels, 6th Graders make handmade paper representative of the paper used to create the contracts they each sign committing to Environmental Stewardship.
  5. Natural Dyes:  Students make natural dyes using materials such as marigolds, turmeric, black walnuts, yarrow and black beans.  The dyed yard and fabric is then used for knitting, crocheting, braiding and sewing.

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