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“At the Table”, our weekly food education segment that is part of the student led news production “News You Can Use,” aims to connect students to healthy food by reporting on various food related initiatives that are happening around the school. Each week “At the Table” brings us something different: it could be anything from how the cranberries we’re tasting in the dining room this week were harvested to why whole grains are better for you; from a few examples of what a healthy snack might look like to an interview with a vegan student about her diet.

Often “At the Table” will create a personal connection for the students by including a short interview with a member of the school community or by focusing on a vegetable students have recently seen in the dining room or used in the EcoSPACES classes.

As food related programming at Philip's Academy continues to evolve based on critical feedback and innovative ideas, we expect that “At the Table” will also take on new and increasingly effective forms. At its essence, “At the Table” is a platform for communicating the news of food education at Philips Academy.

An Example: General Food Education -  What is a whole grain and why is it healthy? What is veganism? What makes a healthy snack?

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