• Since our founding, Philip's Academy has understood the connection between student achievement and student wellness, which is why we've always served healthy, fresh food prepared daily in-house. Starting in 2021, we've partnered with Red Rabbit to provide our community with nutritious meals that reflect the backgrounds of our student body. Founded in 2005, Red Rabbit's professionally trained chefs have been serving quality, healthful meals to students throughout our area. Red Rabbit CEO and Founder Rhys Powell says about his organization:

    “We celebrate food from all cultures in the lunchroom, especially Black American and Brown American cultures. We aspire to give children a vision of themselves that is both healthy and aligned with their heritage, thereby invalidating society’s arbitrary boundaries of who is allowed to be healthy.”

    To find out more about Red Rabbit, you can visit their website at www.myredrabbit.com

    To learn about the PACS Newark Nutrition Policy, as well as many other important PACS policies, please review the documents at this link.